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What a great idea! It looks so cute!


Super cute!

Crystal Keilers

Adorable. Love it. You fooled me, it so looks like you know what you're doing =).


wow! that looks great! i would love to do this!


It looks great! The 4 hours working on it were definitely worth it.

UK lass in US

It looks cute. Maybe I should take a look at some of the clothes gathering dust in my closet.


Cute! I have a pile of clothes to do that to, but the 4 hour thing is stopping me!

Charmed Earth

I LOVE it. Did you use a pattern? The style is super cute on you:)

Malls in Florida

You’ve done great with restyling it. It is better and practical to alter or restyle clothes rather than throwing them away. Or better to give it to charity. When I was younger I remember my Mom altering my sister’s clothes for it to fit me. But now that we are grownups we just laugh out old memories and enjoy shopping together with our Mom. It’s fun to shop with them, it’s like coping for the lost times. Anyway, thanks for sharing. You just gave me an idea on what to do with my now oversized cocktail dress.


Love it!!

barbara brown

you've done a really great job. i'm totally into the retro henley lately also.

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