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Yeah, this is GENIUS!


Yes! I hate the waste of foil and plastic wrap, and this is just what I need!


Love it!


This is a great idea. I could feel like I am being both green and thrifty each time I use it. I wonder if a pocket could be added to place an icepack to keep foods just a tad colder until they reach their destination?

UK lass in US

I like this idea. Now I just need people to want me to bring things to picnics - for some reason people always tell me to bring drinks or bread. I wonder if my husband has been telling tales out of my kitchen...


Ha!!! Same for me : ) I'm vegetarian so they always ask me to bring salad or drinks!

Teacher Teacher: Great idea! The pocket could be sewn into the underside and as long as the ice pack isn't too heavy it should work.


You should sell these, in your store. I am not very crafty, but I would love to buy some. Great idea!


FABULOUS!!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:



Thank you for the tutorial! It is GREAT !


Genius. I mean, pure genius.

Judy P

This is fabulous! What a great hostess or christmas gift for those who have everything!

In Honor Of Design

new to your blog via Alli and I looove it! This is definately worth bookmarking!

Great for keeping insects off the salad leaves when we're eating outside - thanks for a great tutorial (found via whipup)!

It took less than an hour to make, super easy and looks fab -[email protected]/4650341248/

Thank you! Maegan

this is genius!


This is such a great project! I posted about it here...

with a link back to you. Thanks for sharing!

Panhandle Jane

I like this idea as well. However, I am old enough to remember that everyone used to have these back before Saran Wrap. They were made from heavy plastic in various sizes and you washed them between usings. As a child, I thought they were like tiny showercaps.




Tiens c'est vraiment original et pratique


I just love this. I just made one today in a short time. It was great fun to make. I have linked it onto my blog for all my friends to see. Thank you!

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