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    To store those Clean & Dirty hankies!

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    Perfect for picnics or parties!

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This is great - what a NEAT way of constructing this, with sewing of the base 1st and sides 2nd! Trim after instead of careful measuring and angst before! Genius!


i love your clean/dirty bins - very cute!


Great idea Allyson. Earth friendly and another way to surround ourselves in beautiful fabric. Thanks for sharing.


great idea! will be adding this to my list.


i love them...they are too cute to blow boogies on! he he! :)

sew funky

What a neat idea... :)


This is great! Thanks for sharing. The clean/dirty containers are definitely cute, and fun for kids and adults alike.


Oh Allyson I too had the Dad who carried the white hankie and I often often had it passed to me during church! lovely memories!

I also have received sweet little hankies during difficult times and I think they make a thoughful gift.

So I love the hankie, and now I will go make some:) I love the vintage bowls with lables.


I forgot to ask, did you make that sweet mitten garland?


My dad still carries a white hankie. Every day he takes a clean, ironed one out of the drawer, and places it in his pocket. At the end of the day, it comes out of his pocket (now that I no longer live at home, it is still clean and pressed), places it on the dressing table, and all of the loose change from his pocket goes on top.

Thanks for the memory.


Hi Laura, Yes - I did make the mitten garland! It was fun and very easy. I found the mittens on Etsy, but I bet you could find them at the craft store. Thanks for asking!


wow such wonderful ideas and a truly lovely blog!! Thanks so much!


Hi Allyson- I love the way you made those machine embroidery letters look cool- do you mind if I blog about them with a link to your page, and post your photo?

(I found you from Apartment Therapy)



These are gorgeous, thanks so much! I'll be linking to this.


First and for most thanks for the idea and the directions for the Clean and dirty containers. But....HELP!! :) Your blog inspired to do away with paper towels in favor of cloth... so I sewed up a lot for my self. Then came the container making... I followed the directions... I think... I even left my side material 24 inches long, but I didn't make it all the way around the first lining I tried. and the second one BARELY made it. Any thoughts as to what I might be doing wrong? I managed 1 okay looking bucket, but want to get them right before I display them!


Please consider making a tutorial on how you made the hankies !! (fabric choice and instructions !! ).. There are hardly any hanky tutes in cyberspace ! I can't even find directions on how to make the old fashion ones !

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