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Good idear! I used some of that printable fabric stuff and it works pretty well. I haven't seen the roll yet, maybe I should look harder!


ohhhh! i'm so excited that you shared this info. such a clever lady. i'm going to check out joann's. which section did you find it in? i'm so thankful to have your blog as a resource. i'm going to make your coasters this weekend...try and help "bring crafty back" for me. ha!


Cool, I hear many Etsy sellers are on the desperate lookout for labels (a few of the sellers are away or shop closed). I made a purchase from Rohm about a month ago (then I decided to close my shop) oh well, I have labels if I ever want to make something = )


Great idea! I think I might give this a try.


Great idea Allyson. They turned out really good!


super cool, great tutorial

Christa Z.

absolutely brilliant!


LOVE LOVE these!! I use them and they are fantastic. I'm also going to use them to make labels for some cloth bins I have. I'm going to sew them on. Your tags look GREAT!
I don't think I've ever mentioned this before...but you have the perfect designer name. My name is just waaaaay too long.

kelly z

Hey Allyson thanks for the comment on my blog and the tags are a great idea.Nifty!!


Those look great! I've been needing to get some like this. This is an excellent tip, one I'm sure I'll use.


oh wow, cool project! very professional


Thanks Allyson!!!!! I have some of the fabric sheets laying around from some projects - what a great idea!


such a great idea, thanks for sharing allyson :)

Vanessa V

You are amazing for sharing this!! How exciting!!!! xoxoxox Love the suds pic!


I love your blog! And this is EXACTLY what I have been wanting to know how to make, you just saved me a fortune! <3


Great idea - and they look great too! Thanks for sharing.


Oh these are great! I have my coupon in hand and can't wait to get to JoAnn's. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

Miss Sassy

Do these work with laser printers or ink jet only? Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing! This info is great and you have an awesome blog!

Sarah J

An easier product to use is "Printed Treasures" printable fabric sheets. They are already 8.5 X 11. You print on them with your Inkjet, wait like 30 seconds and they are ready to use to sew. There's no washing involved. They cost about 3.50 a sheet and come in packs of 5. I got 65 of my labels out of one sheet which came to about .06 per label.

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