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You brought back a lot of memories. I loved Pippi growing up. I would always try to make my braids stand up like hers but it never quite worked out.

I also loved the movie that they came out with. My sister and I watched it probably over 100 times. I may try to find that one again!

Thanks for the memory!


OH MY! I loved Pippi!!!!



What a fantastic day you must've had with Micah. Such great pictures!

When I was pregnant with Joey I used to spill every cup of anything my husband poured for me - and so he gave me the nickname "Messy Longstockings".


Ah, Pippi. The hair, the face, the craziness of it all. I need to read that to the kids. The song is in my head right now.

Vanessa V

I adore Pippi! It was so funny, when Mr. Lovee was away last week, and as he was due back, I told my mom, he will be here any minute and I have a ton of things to do... My Mom asked why? I said, let's just say, Pippi came to visit and the house needs some work. hehehehe... I love her! I always imagine attaching huge bars of soap and a scrubby brush to my feet, to scrub the floors, like she did... hahaha. Thanks for sharing! And the lake looks marvelous! xxo


I'm soooo glad Pippi hasn't been forgotten! I so love her too. I even attempted to do my braids like her one time. I used wire hangers. hehe...the good ol' days. :-)


i love this post! i loved pippi books when i was a wee-lil'-girl. i could sit in the childrens section at a book store for hours, couldn't you?!

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