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too cute. You always find the neatest way to photograph your creations. That door is really neat. We have a lot of older houses in our town and those doors reminded me of that! I bet your house is beautiful!


ohh so cute! I've used that "pattern" and it's so simple and easy. I also sewed the 4 diagonals and I wonder why they didn't suggest that in the magazine!


Where on earth did you find that fabric? That's the very fabric from my childhood beadspread!


I love it!


I love the bag! Does it tie on top? I can't wait to start making some bags for myself. I was always so busy sewing for customers I never had time to make anything for myself. After I get past my move, I will make myself something cute = )


super cute. I saw that in the latest issue and it looked very functional.


You are so creative! I also find that door very intriguing...


sooooo CUTE! And thank you for your very encouraging words (regarding my purse). I truly admire your designs so it means a lot. :-)


Ditto on the fabric! That's from my childhood bedspread too! Too cute :)

Vanessa V

It's fantastic! I love the door it is hanging on also... Makes me want to go to the beach....xxxoooo


Great job and i love the fabric you choose. A snap to close is a perfect solution!


I've saw this pattern popping up on several blogs. The bag is so cute...I need to find a pillowcase to make one!


oh wow, that is so great! it is a perfect weekend bag. and man, your Grandma has such great taste in pillowcases!


My bedspread too!!! I had the comforter for years, washing it over and over until the fabric was so delicate it would tear with the slightest tug of the blanket over my legs while watching TV... I can't tell you how happy it made me to see that some of that print is still out there! :) Cute bag, too.

lulu sparkles

hi~ just found your blog! love the bag,you would not happen to have more of that fabric would you? I know you made it a while ago but I actually HAD that fabric on my bed growing up!would love something made from it,even a tiny wristlet?

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