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Wipe-Clean Coaster

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    Using Clear Vinyl and Fabric

Make Fabric Labels

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Tissue Bins

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    To store those Clean & Dirty hankies!

Eco Travel Lid

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    Perfect for picnics or parties!

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Those are so awesome! We may have to check into something like that once we are as big as you :) I really like those!


i am in loooove with your business cards. how sweet are those...serious?! exciting. i remember you mentioning in a past post about your fabric tags. how did you make them and how did the process work?


These work for you! I am so glad you used leslie...she does awesome work! I love the cards!!!!!!!!


Love the card design. You could always get a scrapbooking corner thingy to do your corners.


Allyson, those biz cards are amazing! Leslie did such a great job :)


What a wonderful job Leslie did for you! Captured your business on your card perfectly.


Wow, those cards are really great! I love the lined paper background on the back of the card.

Abraham is the perfect name for such a distinguished little bear.


Amazing cards Allyson!


They look great... and your blog is such a delight!


Oh, that is so sweet (little Micah snuggling his bear). I love the name he picked (Abraham) that is good name for his little bear = )


oh what fun!

A Fanciful Twist

I love your new cards! I should get me som too....xxo,V


Those turned out really nicely! They really capture what you do and the whimsy there. I like that. :0)


Your new cards look GREAT!!!


Nice card! Only round corners if you want the button to stand out... otherwise it is rhythmic with the geometric lines! :)


Hi Admirer, Thanks for the great tip! I didn't get the rounded corners and so I'm happy to hear your insight, you must have some design experience!


I love the way your new shop looks! And the business cards are awesome! Sooooo cute=) You have been so busy!


Hi Allyson,
Yes, I was an art/graphics major in college. I got your website from my mother-in-law who goes to church with a sister or cousin of yours in MA. Its funny how this worlds works sometimes. My etsy address is: I dont have anything on at the moment as I am rotating my jewerly collection on there (its mostly jewelry, but i hope to put some watercolors on there soon also). Maybe we could do a swap sometime... I'd love one of your fancy trash bag containers for my new car! :D.
Thanks, Heidi

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