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This blog copy your idea


So pretty! I adore the fabrics :-)


Good idéa,


yeeeeeeessssssss, wonderfull, very good idea

Thank you very much


I still love mine - glad to see you doing so well!


This is very creative! Love it!!


This is an organizational persons dream! I bought one of these litter bags when you first sold on ebay. Impressed, I bought some for friends and family as gifts (they are fantastic gifts by the way). I tried looking on ebay to purchase more to no avail. Turns out I wasn’t looking hard enough.

I had no idea you have your own web site. I think this is fantastic and you have artistically and innovatively honed in on a desirable product. I love the new design and fabrics, and I’m looking forward to purchasing additional items. Keep up the great work. It seems that you are following your dreams and I wish the best on the progression of your business.


These are adorable!!! where can i get one?


Hi- this is beautiful! Functional and pretty.
I'm going to do Christmas in July on my handmade blog ( Would you mind if I posted a link to this tutorial? And the pic of the finished product? Not the instructions- just the pic and link to here. Please let me know. Thank you!


Very creative! Sure wish I would have thought of this! Cars these days (decades) no longer have a place to put those trash bins that you used to be able to buy. Great Great idea and so fun!!

I got your site from by the way..I plan to visit again!



I'd like to know if you're able to produce 10.000 units of these bags. How would it costs?

Thanks for your attention,


I'd love to order one of your bags.


great idea!

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Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!


Just got a new car and this is a great idea for keeping it tidy - thanks ;0)

Nike Dunks

We got out carrying bags of hope! With it we will fight harder!

Truck Rental

This sure looks usefull and classy! Loved the different patterns and the well though usage of this gadget. I woudl sure brighten up the intirior of any car!

medieval clothing

they look so good on!

medieval clothing

they look so good on!

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