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AMAZING and beautiful! :) I have one and love it!!!


Wow. I must have one. Am ordering it from etsy RIGHT NOW!


You my friend are a genius.

I saw one of your messenger bags on Etsy and I love it. Sadly I have no money right now, but I was wondering if you could save it for me? I'm not sure how many you sell or how quickly they go. Please e-mail me at [email protected]


Suzy Lorenzen

What a fabulous idea! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.


I just bought the two in your store. What a fabulous product!! Yeay!!
:) Abbie


I just found your shop on Etsy...what a GREAT idea. I love these. I'm just trying to decide which one I want.


I have a car litter bag and absolutely love it. Its functional without being an eyesore! A definite *must have*!!


Seriously, copyright it and FAST! It's pure genious and uber adorable!

I don't mean to sound rude or mean, but I think you should work on the closure for the strap. The brooch, even though it's stinken cute, seems like a step too far for something that should be really simple. Perhaps have a male snap on the top of the bag, and a bunch of female snaps all along the strap for adjustability?

You can go to and get snaps of every colour. I'd suggest using larger ones, 18mm or bigger.

sorry about the rant, my hubby is a designer and I've been conditioned to question everything and constantly find better solutions! :) I adore everything you make, and your fabric choices are superb!

Mary Contrary

love it!! Get that copyright girl!! Quick!!


I love my bag and I found another great function for this cute car litter bag. I had a craft fair over the weekend and I forgot to bring a trash bag…so I thought….hey, I’ll just use my cute little car litter bag. It was perfect…I just attached it to my chair. It looked way better than a grocery bag would have looked. I also got a few comments on it too…I made sure to let them know where they could get one of their own. :-)
Oh…and I love the pin, it gives it more style.


I love my bag, but I agree with bubba*tink, I think snaps would be a good idea. or perhaps something a little more hip design friendly than the pin. perhaps a lapel pin? the large black pin kind of sticks out. The rest of the bag is so sleek and cool, the pin doesn't match. Anyhoo...Love the quality and price! thanks so much!


You are my hero. Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I totally love your design, and I can't wait to receive my order from etsy. You really have to get this design copyrighted. It is so unique.


I received my litter bag yesterday. The lime green dot pattern looks great in my red beetle! Love all your designs.


Don't you mean patent instead of copyright? a copyright is for a pattern (book, art, something written) a patent is for an invention/product.


I love this idea! Your car certainly looks spotless, and I am sure the litter bag will help lots of others stay much more tidy as well.


You could also hang the bag over the headrest for the kids in the backseat 'throw away your own garbage, ~please~.


How awesome! This is very creative! Now I'll wait for you to fill your store with more colours and then choose one :)


you rock my socks off!! i love this!
saw it in your etsy and fell in love in an instant! i must have one. this is going on this mamas christmas list for sure! :D

go get that patent!


Wow! That's a great idea and a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

Robyn L. Coburn

The double layer to hold the plastic bag - genius! That has always been the problem with the purchased bags I have used (aside from being boring black) - ending up with ick on the lining because they don't facilitate a liner.

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