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Wipe-Clean Coaster

  • Another Day
    Using Clear Vinyl and Fabric

Make Fabric Labels

  • A Basic DIY Guide

Tissue Bins

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    To store those Clean & Dirty hankies!

Eco Travel Lid

  • DSC_0088
    Perfect for picnics or parties!

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Ah! That is the sweetest thing! What a fabulous find - such retro goodness. Enjoy your happy snacks. :) Thanks for the link too, what a fun place to shop!


You always find the cutest things. I went and checked out that link...oh my goodness I could buy everything. Thanks for the link!


Ugh...Another place to spend my money! That is the cutest thing. I love it!


oh! a bento box! yes, lots of fun... they make lunches look like so much fun that people who buy their lunch will look on with envy & whimsy


Where in the world did you find these? Such cute stuff!!


soo cute! I am resisting buying one of my own!


oh my - how cute is that! love LOVE!


Hey Allison, thanks for the "pimp"
So glad that you LOVE it. I fill mine with creamed rice and fruit. YUM! Makes for great snacking :D


Whoops, I forgot to change the I for a Y! *Hangs head in shame*
Allyson, please forgive me *wink*


pimp indeed - just ask velda. i ordered quite a few goodies from her shop after your little teaser here. :-)


OH!!! I absolutely love that! I checked out the site for myself and I love the Hot & Cold Aluminium Flask, very cute! You always seem to find the neatest things!

A Fanciful Twist

I adore those Bento boxes!! YUMMY!!!


Ooooooo such retro deliciousness. And I 'll take the snack too, please.


love your bento box. i have a bento too!


I'm awaiting delivery of a bento box from Velda! It's the "We Become Small" with the russian dolls on it! Can't wait for it to arrive. It was supposed to be for a friend's Christmas but I think it may find a permanent home in my home!!

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